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Denver IP Camera SHO-110 - Unauthenticated Snapshot

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# Exploit Title: Denver IP Camera SHO-110 - Unauthenticated Snapshot
# Date: 28 July 2021
# Exploit Author: Ivan Nikolsky (enty8080)
# Vendor Homepage: https://denver.eu/products/smart-home-security/denver-sho-110/c-1024/c-1243/p-3826
# Version: Denver SHO-110 (all firmware versions)
# Tested on: Denver SHO-110

Backdoor was found in a Denver SHO-110 IP Camera. Maybe other models also have this backdoor too.

So, the backdoor located in the camera's second http service, allows the attacker to get a snapshot through `/snapshot` endpoint. There are two http services in camera: first - served on port 80, and it requires authentication, and the second - served on port 8001, and it does not require authentication.

It's possible to write a script that will collect snapshots and add them to each other, so the attacker will be able to disclosure the camera stream.


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