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Vulnerability and hacker attack defense security field


Penetration test/reverse crack/undertake hacker attack and defense related business, click can enter detailed talk. The team has a top technical team, all obtained CEH/OSCE/OSCP/OSEE/OSWE certificate.

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Here you can find the latest international threat intelligence, hacking trends and wikileaks information.

Hacker technology field, including internal and external network penetration, reverse cracking, network Trojan virus analysis and so on.

Record contains all kinds of WordPress/Windows/PHP/Linux and other kinds of system loopholes or template.

This section introduces how to use Linux KALI and how to download all kinds of system tools.

Learn about cryptography and social engineering attacks and cyber intelligence, as well as Capture the Flag.

This section mainly explains the characteristics of network viruses and Trojan horses, disassembles, analyzes and introduces these objects. Trojan horse virus has strong concealment, and can launch attacks suddenly according to the intention of hackers.

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