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一般情况下我们的网页代码集采用utf-8,php返回的错误信息的中文编码是GBK,就会导致无法正确显示中文的问题,这是我们可以用mb_convert_encoding($原字符串, "目标便编码","原编码")将返回信息的编码变成utf-8,这样就可以正常显示中文了。

 1 <?php 
 2 header("Content-type: text/html; charset=utf-8");
 4 $db_host='localhost33';  
 5 $db_user='root';
 6 $db_pass='root';
 7 $db_name='test';
 8 $db_table='keji';
 9 if(!$link=mysqli_connect($db_host,$db_user,$db_pass)){
11     $contents = mb_convert_encoding(mysqli_connect_error(),"utf-8","gbk");
12     echo '错误:'. $contents;
13     exit();
14 }
16 var_dump($link);
18 if(!mysqli_connect($link,$db_name)){
19     echo "打开{$db_name}失败!";
20     exit();
21 }
22 // $sql='select * from keji;'
23 mysqli_close($link);
26 ?>
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