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CHT official team introduction and competition system

China Hacker Team (CHT&CNHACKTEAM) is jointly founded by Chinese with well-known attack and defense technology at home and abroad. It is the first and largest hacker forum in China facing the world.



[Team joint development] Click here to directly enter the competition system for practice, instead of the previous hackers by launching real attacks against each other for technical competition.

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If you have a good performance in our competition system, you can obtain points to exchange goods and software in the mall for free.

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You can post articles in this forum or open the vault right if you have 50 participants before each week in the event system. Post articles and capture the flag can increase the points.

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Collect real-time race scores of CHT CTF race system, and those with the highest weekly score will get a customized Kingston Hacker USB flash drive of 1TB. Looking forward to your joining!

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